A.M. Genesis high performance coaching



Welcome to AM Genesis. My name is Aslan Mirkalami and my passion is seeing individuals realize their full potential. As a proven entrepreneur I’ve seen my share of ups and downs throughout the course of my career. It wasn’t until I began using the different techniques involved in High Performance Coaching that I was able to take my life to the next level.

Our philosophy is rooted in a customized approach rather than working from a pre-packaged template that is unfortunately all too common with other performance coaches. I believe that to create positive change you have to focus on the positives in your life versus the negatives. During the course of our entire lives we are taught to learn from our faults, this is seen through our educational system to how we are raised. This approach is destructive and becomes a negative self fulfilling prophecy.

There’s a better way. In order to achieve your desired results we utilize an easy and fun process to help you start focusing on making all of your dreams come true.

It truly is all within your grasp. I look forward to showing you how.

Aslan Mirkalami
CEO, Founder