A.M. Genesis high performance coaching



AM Genesis was founded by Aslan Mirkalami, a proven entrepreneur, who has built multiple companies which have generated millions in profit.

Aslan’s story of transformation is remarkable. With only a few hundred dollars in his pocket he arrived in Canada to pursue a dream of a better life for both himself and his family. In two years, he not only embraced the culture and language but became a millionaire in the process.

Aslan attributes his success to a strong mental focus through the various high performance coaching techniques he began learning over 30 years ago such as time line therapy, hypnotherapy, nero linguistic programming, quantum reality and design human engineering. These techniques have helped Aslan through the various highs and lows of his career.

Having accomplished his goals as an entrepreneur, Aslan believed now was an opportune time to focus on his other passion – helping and teaching people to live to their highest potential. He believes a fresh approach to performance coaching that does not involve putting a person through the agony of past negative experiences, is what the market requires today.

Aslan firmly believes that in order for a person to reach their potential they must start focusing on the desired end result. His techniques will help you get back on purpose.