A.M. Genesis high performance coaching



AM Genesis was founded with the fundamental belief that to create positive change you have to focus on the positives in an individual’s life rather than simply concentrating on the negatives.

Focusing on the negatives is ingrained in our surrounding environment and we are exposed to this behaviour at an early age from our school system to how we are raised. From the time we begin our schooling, we are taught using a deductive approach, highlighting faults versus our strengths.

Constantly fixating over every negative is destructive.

The problem with focusing only on the negatives is that it forces people to fixate on everything that is not working which acts as a self fulfilling prophecy for failure. At AM Genesis, we encourage a positive approach that allows clients to avoid a painful uncovering process. Instead, we use a fun and easy process where learning takes place at the unconscious level, always targeting the desired end result.

At AM Genesis, we believe developing a plan that works backwards from your desired end-result is a far more effective approach to coaching.

The result?

A refreshing philosophy that produces immediate results without having to place the individual through a strenuous process of delving into the details of negative past experiences.

We call this Pain and Content-Free Processing.