A.M. Genesis high performance coaching



We offer an end-to-end coaching solution to help you effectively reach all of your goals.

At AM Genesis we provide tailored coaching to meet the specific needs of:


Over 70% of businesses fail within the first 10 years of being in business. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be stressful but these obstacles shouldn’t prevent you from realizing your full potential. Our coaching techniques can help remove the obstacles of feeling over-whelmed, fear and anxiety which our experience shows is common to many business owners.


Coaching for new and veteran executives to help remove mental obstacles in order to unlock productivity, handle change and manage stress.

Financial Traders

The market volatility over the past year is enough to cause insurmountable levels of stress for anyone. Successful financial traders are able to manage their level of stress in even the most volatile of situations. High performance coaching can help teach financial traders how to perform with excellence by getting to the root of the stress.


It’s a game of inches. Every moment requires focus and split-second reactions. We help provide athletes with mental focus and emotional control aimed at enhancing overall performance.

C-Suite & Board Members

The ability to focus at the highest level is what distinguishes successful leaders from the rest. AM Genesis provides assistance in learning how to train your mind to focus and excel under pressure.

Sales Professionals

Sales professionals deal with the pressure of closing deals, finding new leads and meeting sales goals every day. At times, that pressure can cause anxiety and fear. Our coaching techniques, specifically designed for sales professionals, can help sales professionals learn how to manage and channel these emotions.